20 Species Of Honey and Their Medicinal Properties: Choose the One That Suits You the Best!


Of direction, only if it’s the hold up honey, not a falsification which is, regrettably, today deeper and more in the activity.

Genuine, born honey can be of ample benefit in any sickness.

Learn the 20 species of beloved and select the one that adjust you best.

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1. Basswood honey

Basswood honey is sunshiny, almost clear color and gentle flavor.

Remedy respiratory predicament and it is recommended for colds and flu.

Advance sweating, has toward effect on digestion, abatement spasms and soothes agony.

It is useful for kidney dilemma because it wake up the excretion of toxins from the embody.

Linden love should not be infatuated by heart patients.

Determinate recommendation: do you sustain from asthma? Eat a afloat teaspoon grated condiment with basswood honey.

2. Heyday honey

Patterned or meadow beloved obtained from at variance types of blossom, depending on the ar.

Mild and fragrant flavor.

Due to the particular compositions advisable for raising release and recovery aft disease and in seasonal allergy and sensitized asthma.

In hypersensitive asthma it is not advisable to take flowered honey from your surroundings because it have in it pollen of all category of flowers, which root potential allergies.

Takings one tablespoon of love a day, year turn, for recovery and the altercation against allergies.

3. Acacia beloved

Acacia love is characterized by awfully light colouring and mild sapidity.

This typewrite of honey seizure most citizens because of its savour, practically cannot be mat in drinks.

An fine choice for inconsequential children (individual after the front year of heart) and for people ill from disorder.

It is used in harsh cases of travel system and deadening. Due to the sedative core helps with insomnia, restiveness and tension.

A substitute of sedatives, at bedtime drunkenness a cup of lemon sap with accessorial teaspoon of love locust.

Smokers are advisable immediately later getting up to eat a containerful of honey tree.

4. Buckwheat beloved

Buckwheat love has the darkest colour and strong and aromatic taste.

It is loaded in minerals and antioxidants for which be attached to the healthiest genre of honey.

It is advisable for anemic citizens, and as a valuable benefit with exhalation.

For the relief of coughing in children allow them a minor teaspoon of love before bedtime.

5. Intelligent honey

Sensible honey is unremarkably yellow to dark-green color, great to the slightly acrid taste of sensible.

It works by restful and uplifting.

It is an capital addition to the theme for gout.

Chromatic honey is valuable in the treatment of dilemma of the respiratory group, especially coughing, and in strengthening the resistant system.

6. Tree honey

Tree honey has a circumstantial red-brown semblance.

Heavy appreciation, so many do not allied it.

The strong antibacterial activity Cosmetics it one of the most therapeutic types of love.

It is used in virtually all diseases and irritation.

Helps with abscess, hepatitis, bacterium in the urinary group, poor motion and weakened core muscle.

It support the digestive method.

Tablespoon tree honey good before bedtime serve against deadening.

Many use it for vocal hygiene – cleans the set better than toothpaste.

Smokers, which get piled toxins and who ofttimes have trouble with exhalation, are recommended to eat one containerful chestnut beloved in the morning on an empty-bellied stomach.

7. Jerusalem Annoyance honey

It is a elevated-quality old honey and it is beautiful hard to micturate a fake legend of this case. It crystallizes speedily and has delicate savour.

It is rich in acetylcholine – a centre that waken the circulation and the activity of the circulatory method

It helps in sullen harmful cholesterin.

Strengthens the unsusceptible system, serve with respiratory dilemma, and is also second-hand as prevention and action towards of malignant ailment.

Jerusalem Sticker honey can be old for treatment of helplessness – dawn and evening, eat 30 grams of Jerusalem Sticker honey, and during the day added 40 grams.

8. Batch honey

Elevation honey is hugely appreciated and curative honey.

It is obtained from pure mountain herbs and it is rattling popular due to its therapeutic content. It has alcoholic antimicrobial agility, even when cut in the ratio of 1: 150.

Use it to lift immunity, respiratory predicament – regenerate cough, tender throat and sinuses.

In ethnic group medicine alp honey has been victimised for disinfection of hide inflammation and injury.

It helps in the conduct towards of gynecological excitement caused by viruses and bacterium.

Take a containerful of honey a day.

To fortify the body, at littlest half an distance before Mid-morning lunch, drink a cup of lukewarm milk sweet with heap honey.

9. Lilac honey

Lilac-colored honey has an burning taste and smelling, and it may be found in darker and brighter colours.

It is among the nigh healing species with solid action – authorize utilization of metal and iron from drink.

It is especially advisable for pregnant women and those who suffer a lack of ca in the body, quandary with set and bones, osteoporosis, altitudinous blood strength, allergy to sun.

Medicinal appearance on digestion, absterge the lungs and serenity the cough.

Community prone to allergen allergy are well-advised to take lilac-colored honey day care.

10. Hawthorn beloved

Hawthorn love has a brown colouring and bitter discernment.

It is recommended for bosom patients for it regulates descent pressure, assist with coronary bypass, angina pectoris, discredited heart bully and inflammation of the affection muscle.

It is likewise used to halcyon the organism.

For sullen the cholesterol, construct a paste of haw honey and Country cinnamon pulverise. Apply it on the dinero instead of jam and eat it regularly for Mid-morning lunch.

11. Euodia (Love/Bee tree) love

Euodia beloved is among the enhanced popular in the US than in the Continent market.

By appearing is most standardized to the honey tree, but it has a specific batty taste and it is not crystalline.

It is a valuable constitution and particularly befitting to people with crazy blood impact.

For problems with gigantic blood force it is recommended to return 100 grams of walnuts and the equivalent quantity of beloved for a period of 45 life.

12. Heather love

Heather beloved has a dark craven color. It has a worthy taste and kids adulation it.

It is salutary in arthritis, diseases of the urinary stretch and kidneys.

Support with respiratory disease.

If you are a smoker, achieve the most of the aid of heather love. Combined with Broom tea will cooperation you cough up the secretion from the respiratory instrument.

13. Amorpha (Untrue indigo-bush-league) honey

Amorpha love is red in color, soft flavor and pinch.

It is recommended for draining and to raise coercion at the end of a stressful day.

A favorable source of catalyst, vitamins and minerals.

Abaft a busy day wide-cut of stress, unlax and restore astray energy with a containerful of amorpha beloved in a cup of tea or milk.

14. Flower honey

Flower honey has a circumstantial yellow coloration, taste and aroma. Belongs to the augmented valued species of love, but rapidly crystallizes.

It is Euphemistic pre-owned for problems associated to the respiratory expanse (throat and sinuses) and is good for digestive, lung and kidney ailment.

It is a natural therapeutic for treating all kind of inflammation. Accelerates trauma healing.

It is advisable for heart patients, the older who need siesta and extra vigor, as well as children in the underdeveloped age.

15. Dandelion love

Dandelion love has an intense treacherous color and discernment and it quickly crystallizes.

Alleviates the consequence of liver infection (cirrhosis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis) and stomachal diseases.

It serve with gastritis, inflammation and constipation.

To delicacy these difficulty, a spoonful of beloved dandelion water down in a glass of asphaltic water.

16. Herb honey

Herb honey has burnished yellow appearance and a pronounced savour.

Beneficial end on vascular affliction, because it betters blood flow.

It is natural countermeasure of improving liver-colored function and upgrade the secretion of gall.

Ally the living thing in poor digestion, arthritis, gout and grand pressure.

17. Rapeseed love

Rapeseed love has a light low color and have in it a large issue of flower allergen.

After extracting it at the moment crystallizes, so you can effortlessly identify and judge it from the invented honey.

Deterge the liver and control the level of adipose acids in the consistency.

18. Goldenrod love

Goldenrod love has a golden lily-livered to dark offensive color, unique flavor and sweetness of exceptional sort.

It is used as a drug because it wake up the secretion of solution and toxins from the consistency.

It is effective with determination diseases, tenseness and anxiety.

19. Honeydew (woodland honey)

Honeydew, sericeous oak or fir forest love is highly precious specie of beloved, very delectable and has dark colours.

It crystallizes as well quickly.

It is largely specific for its foundation – it is obtained from the honeydew that is produced in firm weather weather. It is a strong opposed-microbial and opposed-inflammatory deputy.

Due to the high contented of iron, it is advisable for anemic persons and for recovery astern serious ailment and operations.

It is filthy rich in minerals and low in dinero, so it is often advisable for diabetics and athletes. Expecting women can capture it throughout gestation.

This classification of honey is particularly recommended for care of of pneumonia: a blimp spoon Honeydew (fir or yearn), add in 3 dl of herbal tea and imbibe three present daily previously meals.

20. Manuka beloved

This case of honey is verbatim the icing on the pastry.

Manuka love is produced from the bud of the Manuka coniferous tree that become larger only in the arena of ​​New Seeland and is considered the nigh healing love in the world.

It has unchanging, powerful and one antibacterial Belongings, which are not existent in any other species.

Serve with the nigh resistant bacterium, such as MRSA and, as evidenced by legion users environing the world, who show one’s gratitude to manuka beloved, were blessed from amputation of limbs.

It has an estimable action on a divergency of disease and is remarkably useful in low invulnerability.

In acute sore it is recommended to hire a spoon of manuka love every minute.

The use of honey

The advisable daily size of honey for an big is between 60 and 100 grams, dual-lane into trey parts (in the forenoon, during the day and at bedtime).

The advisable daily size of honey to children low the age of 10 second childhood is 30 grams, and distributed leash times a day.

Melt the honey in the lip before swallowing it.

When you add it in hot quaffs, the liquid should not be device than 40 grade Celsius, in circuit to preserve its gear.