A Japanese Scientist Put An End To The Tooth Fillings


The Altaic scientist Kazue Yamagishi made a subverter breakthrough in the area of personal hygiene.

Videlicet, the Japanese scientist created new toothpaste that can easy and painlessly fill holes and cracks on your set; plus, it can regenerate the tooth enamel without the require of a dentist. This toothpaste is very coincidental to tooth enamel in its composition and can be applied unswervingly on the tooth crack. The material it’s made of was created as a backwash of a number of experiments with hydroxyapatite, the canonic compound of teeth.

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What this toothpaste fundamental does is easily dissolve the surface of the discredited enamel with the help of the acid it have in it. Then, 3 minutes later, the gum crystallizes and the artificial substances integrate in the artifact of the natural tooth enamel. Moreover, the matter has efficient antibacterial properties.

According to trial run by Japanese dentists, the tooth treated with this cement is not different than the healthy one. The difference can but be detected with a microscope.

Source: LiveTravelEnjoy.com