Amp up the ol’ grilled cheese


Crunched for duration during the holiday rush? Hither’s a fast and easy fix.

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Maya Visnyei

Our mark this week is fast and child’s play dinner. This grilled cheeseflower is amped up with delicious extras according to sliced pears and mushrooms and a hit of City for zing.

Ready in 15 second
Prep time: 5 split second
Cook time: 10 flash
Serves 1

• Butter
• Cremini mushrooms, thin sliced
• Pumpernickel bread
• City mustard (optional)
• Fontina cheeseflower, grated
• Pears, thinly chopped

1. In a skillet, melt a pat of butter atop of medium heat. Toss in chopped mushrooms and push around until they palliate. Remove from pan and set aside. Brush pan.

2. Butter bread (and swipe otc side with a bit of Dijon) and abode each piece in pan, butter verge down. Place a handful of Fontina on Everyone, then press down a duet of slices of pear, followed by a containerful of mushrooms. Place another plenty of pumpernickel on top, butter side out. Let sizzle 2 or 3 proceedings, peeking at the underside with a spatula to arrange bread is toasting not burning. Flop.

3. Allow to grill for a couple also minutes then remove from the heating. Cut in half and serve warm.

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