Audi Q8 Concept teased ahead of Detroit debut


329d8aeb5b2990c52a9fb84a4249dbb9 Audi Q8 Concept teased ahead of Detroit debut

The elementary teasers of Audi’s new Q8 have get going their way onto the web ahead of its authoritative debut at the Detroit Auto Present in January.

First shared by European publication, Welt, the sketches present a new interpretation of Audi’s single protection grille with vertical slates and a fastback visibility, much like the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe.

Still, according to Welt, the Q8 is believed to sit overhead those models in terms of bigness, pricing and features, which design that it may even be targeting the Porsche Capsicum and Bentley Bentayga – both underpinned by the alike MLB-Evo platform as the Q8 (and also Q7).

d289768e320ff6ca1c4f60fc57b6d31f Audi Q8 Concept teased ahead of Detroit debut

The Q8 will reportedly advance with a range of new generation ice and petrol turbocharged V6 and V8 engines.

According to the business, Audi’s chief designer, Tread Lichte, admitted that the automaker’s design language has becomes more stale in recent years and that bounteous differentiation between products is needful.

8a92a8069c7b058e74d43c4c7bd43c33 Audi Q8 Concept teased ahead of Detroit debut

“From some customers’ end of view, we lacked the necessary discrimination. This will change in the final. Every new Audi model Testament have its own character and express it in its stately language – both in the exterior and in the midland,” he told Welt.

The production Audi Q8 is anticipated to hit the market in 2018.