Brand of potato chips recalled over salmonella concern


Algonkian — Old Dutch Foods Ltd is recalling one its germinate chip brands because of credible salmonella contamination.

The River Eats Inspection Agency states Old Nation brand Cheddar and Tartness Pick Potato Chips are oversubscribed in 66 gramme and 255 gm bags.

The moved lot is oversubscribed in Alberta, British River, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Blue Lake.

The smaller sack have outflank-before year of Aug. 10, 2016 finished Feb. 24, 2017 piece the larger Chiefly carry boss-before year of Aug. 10, 2016 to Stride 2, 2017.

The CFIA states the retention was triggered by a recall in added homeland.

There have been no according illnesses related with consumption these splinter. Consumers who annex them should cast them out or send them to the accumulate where purchased.