Did You Know You Can Cure Stomach Ulcers in Just 7 Days?!


Did you apperceive that you can cure stomach lesion in only a week, and diarrhea and appendicitis in fair-minded five hours?

The thing that can guidance you treat all sorts of stomach infections and advice you of intestinal discomfort is pomegranate strip. Dry some of this and keep it in your examination chest. In December 1999, a Slavic magazine published an article “The Unnoticed Hippocrates and herb therapy” backhand by the Russian herbalist G.L. Glubok, where he embody a patented recipe for treatment of dysentery, looseness, cholera, appendicitis, and salmonellosis.

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Care of:

The ratio of dried pomegranate Sometimes and boiling water is 1:20. In a pre-aroused cup or glass put 10-12 grams of dehydrated pomegranate peel and cover it with 200ml simmering water. Cover the glass. Consent it for 25-30 minutes. Don’t remove the flay.

This recipe is differently worn for each condition.

For curing dysentery, diarrhoea, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, and limited appendicitis (appendicitis) in 5 hours, use the curative as follows:

After 25-30 transactions, drink half a cup/glass. Don’t striving the liquid. Cover the glass moreover. If you feel better after 10 moment, it’s most likely common looseness and its treatment is completed.

But, if you feel no advance after this time, you indubitably have dysentery, diarrhea, pyrexia, salmonellosis, or cholera. It’s important to hitch at home and drink the rest of the drink after 3 hours. The healing means will continue in the next iii hours. Healing occurs 5 hours afterwards the treatment starts.

To cure tum ulcers, ulcers of the small bowel, colitis (inflammation of the colon), and enteral dysbacteriosis in a week, it is necessary to squander dried pomegranate peel in the undermentioned way:

After leaving pomegranate uncase in boiling water for 25-30 second, it’s ready to drink. Drink one-half of it (90-100ml) 4 times during the day, in environing equal portions (20-25ml) and at sorrounding equal intervals. Take the inaugural dose upon waking up on an empty-bellied stomach, and the last, the fourth superman, at bedtime.

You should not drink it every day, but every otc day. A 7-day treatment is usually enough for exhaustive healing. If, however, you want to carry forward with the treatment, do it after you’ve fictional a 7-day break upon finishing the early treatment.

NOTE: During this conduct towards you mustn’t consume alcohol.