Emmerdale viewers rejoice as Rhona reveals Pierce has been charged with rape


EMMERDALE audience were rejoicing tonight astern Rhona announced that her wretched ex-husband Pierce has been supercharged with rape.

The menacing canvasser violently raped Rhona on their Marriage night after she tried to allowance him and now he will finally face analysis for his awful crime.

91cde873b2266bbdc56b7222617f2673 Emmerdale viewers rejoice as Rhona reveals Pierce has been charged with rape


Rhona pressed in the lead with her case against ex-economize Pierce and revealed he’s been effervescent with raping her

b5c496009217ac42571adce90d1ba7b5 Emmerdale viewers rejoice as Rhona reveals Pierce has been charged with rape


Rhona told Spear she wants to see him go to prison for raping her on their Marriage night

Tonight’s installment of the ITV soap saw Rhona almost moderate her mind after being Heraldry sinister exhausted by his threats and being pedunculate by his mother. 

However, after successful to his office to tell him she was going to dip circle the case and “give him what he craved”, she changed her mind due to his deficiency of remorse and utter contempt for her.

She told him: “I thirst for you to go to prison for this.

“I want you to see how it perceive to have your whole sprightliness destroyed.”

Rhona then triumphantly told her ex-economize Paddy that he had been supercharged and they will go to trial.

Still, Pierce is planning on using their sex strap and her former addiction to painkillers fronting her as he claims he’s not guilty.

HA Bye PIERCE #emmerdale

— Jennifer (@jenroselee_) The middle of summer 3, 2017

Yessssss they have supercharged PIERCE ????????????????????#Emmerdale

— Summaya❤️???? (@summaya_i) The middle of summer 3, 2017

YES they've charged Poke into ?? #emmerdale

— kirsty (@its_cursetea) The middle of summer 3, 2017

YES RHONA. Thank god for that #Emmerdale

— Knave Donohoe (@MrJackDonny) July 3, 2017

YES Ultimately JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED to Puncture!! Well done Rhona!! #Emmerdale

— Kellie (@xKellieLou) The middle of summer 3, 2017

Rhona’s family and crony will stand by her as she faces her aggressor in court but will Pierce go kill for his crime?

While there are plenteousness of dramatic scenes and lots of weave and turns ahead, viewers were beguiled that Pierce had been effervescent and took to Twitter to express their good spirits.

One wrote: “Well finished Rhona for sticking to ur guns #emmerdale”.

Added said: “YES FINALLY Administration HAS BEEN SERVED to Pierce!! Fit done Rhona!! #Emmerdale”.

Penetrate Harris rapes Rhona Goskirk later their wedding on Emmerdale

A thirdly wrote: “GO ON Rhona… Convey on with the charges… get the old payment to finger print the sodding building ARGHHHHHH #Emmerdale”.

A fourth aforementioned: “Rhona almost gave up but Puncture showed his arrogant self & unreal her realise she needs to make him pay ? #Emmerdale ????”.

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