EU says Belgium took weeks to notify tainted egg discovery


c24bb99367f21172ddc1bbff81b7ac87 EU says Belgium took weeks to notify tainted egg discovery

Record – In this May 9, 2011 file photograph, EU flags fly outside the European Perpetration headquarters in Brussels. Kathy Brison of the European food safety agency aforementioned Sunday Aug. 6, 2017, that European food safety authorities began investigation possible pesticide contamination in egg in early June, several weeks previously the public was made aware of a diet safety scare now affecting distinct European countries. (AP Photo/Yves Logghe, Line)

BRUSSELS — The European Union’s director arm says Belgian authorities took round a month to notify it about the recognition of eggs contaminated with an pesticide.

Dozens of poultry farms in Belgique and the Netherlands have been investigated mid the hunt for eggs containing Fipronil, which is dangersome to human health.

Millions of egg have been pulled from lay away in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Kingdom, France, Sweden and Switzerland admit been warned that polluted eggs might be on their sector.

European Commission spokeswoman Myna Andreeva said Tuesday that "no erudition about this contamination complication was provided" until The middle of summer 20. Tainted eggs were construct in Belgium in June.

She said EU state of affairs "have a legal duty" to notify the Commission now if they have information roughly a threat to human health.