Fortum To Acquire Three Wind Power Projects In Norway


c673ecd9868291b127e52d8b01437c0c Fortum To Acquire Three Wind Power Projects In Norway

Fortum aforementioned Tuesday it has signed an agreement to acquire trey wind power projects from the Norse company Nordkraft. The transaction consists of the Nygårdsfjellet gust farm, which is already operational, as hearty as the fully-permitted Ånstadblåheia and Sørfjord design. Fortum and Nordkraft have also united on co-operating on the construction and operation of the wind homestead.

Fortum said it expects the transaction to be over in the first quarter of 2017. The value of the disposition will not be disclosed, Fortum said.

Additionally, Fortum aforementioned it is preparing for the construction of the Ånstadblåheia and Sørfjord proposal, expected to be commissioned in 2018 and 2019. When reinforced the total installed capacity of the three breath farms would be approximately 170 MW.

“The shop for of these three excellent wind dynamism projects is completely in line with our procedure to expand in solar and wind power. The reality that all the wind farms are situated in the corresponding area in Norway enables high adeptness in operations and maintenance. I am also very Satisfied with the co-operation agreement with Nordkraft on the expression and operation of the wind farms,” said Kari Kautinen, Adult Vice President, M&A and Solar & Wind Addition at Fortum.

“This is an important and strategic manner for Nordkraft, securing the development of the Ånstadblåheia and Sørfjord breeze projects and in addition reducing the financial chance for the Nordkraft Group. The transaction marks the initiation of a long-term partnership with Fortum and we be credulous that this co-operation will convert a «win-win» for both parties,” aforementioned Eirik Frantzen, Nordkraft’s CEO.