Fully electric BMW M models coming!


e347b2971c93fde9000236471e061124 Fully electric BMW M models coming!

If you are a car admirer, you should stop reading deserved about… now, because BMW’s M Division head, Frank Van Meel, has admitted all-galvanising versions of M cars such as the M3, M4 and M5 are future!

First they dropped the full V8, now future M cars will be as tranquility as a church at funeral time!

Address to Auto Express at the Detroit Causative Show, Meel said axenic electric BMW M cars are ‘unavoidable’.

“It faculty happen, but the question is when is that prosperous to happen. Currently we still admit a power to weight issue with electrification which construct that difficult to fit into a motorsports thinking,” he told the publication.

Despite the dude shell, don’t go running to the dealership to crack up the last internal combustion machine M car just yet, as hybrid powertrains faculty first be introduced to bridge the gap ‘tween the M Division’s current range of conveyance and a fully electric model. Too, the M hybrids will prioritise action rather than efficiency.

“… we are in fast contract with the Project i radical looking into next genesis of cell technologies, electric motors, weightiness and cooling systems to figure when is the ethical time to make the next method,” Meel added.

He has however ruled out a i8M has the two sub-kind focus on different direction – i is astir uncompromised efficiency while M is active uncompromised motorsport.

Note: BMW M4 DTM Patronage Edition shown