Google Maps removes cupcake calorie-counter after angry backlash


GOOGLE has backtracked on plans to introduce a new feature which showed walkers the number of calories they were burning.

The tech firm quietly tested out a new Google Maps function which measured the number of calories a walk would burn compared to the calorific content of a cupcake, reports.

Google Maps now includes calorie estimates & I really don't need this kind of judgment right now

— Catherine Bond (@DrKateBond) October 13, 2017

Did anyone notice at google maps tells you how many calories you'll burn on a walk, and what kind of indulgence it's worth????

— Anar Parikh (@anarparikh) October 14, 2017

This feature provoked fierce debate on Twitter, with some people claiming it promoted "fat-shaming".

US tech journalist Taylor Lorenz led the way, prompting a fierce online debate about the update after claiming it was triggering for people who struggled with their weight or eating disorders.

“I really can’t express how much I hate this!!!” she wrote on Twitter.

However, people on the other side of the political spectrum slammed Google for pandering to over-sensitive "social justice warriors" – an insult aimed at left-wing people deemed to be too quick to seek offence.

c5f4ceb36817519ae94ea07806ce9c4e Google Maps removes cupcake calorie-counter after angry backlash


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