Heaven’s Gate – A Point That Gets Rid of Headache


Do you sustain from cephalalgia, digestive disarray, insomnia and worry? You can solve them in moment with the handle of a point.

Force is all around us in this virgin age. It surrounds us every day and distinct of us are affected. Forcefulness has many strong-arm symptoms much as headaches, need of energy, a demur in immunity and yet digestive dilemma.

Acupressure indicate how the human entity has certain accentuation points which get the body to let up on and to relieve the strain.

One of them is Shen Men, which when translated agency “Gate of Paradise”. Pressing the opposed – stress mark you can significantly cut stress, enlargement energy and confirm the immunity, and thin the pain. It is set in the inner thing of the upper ear cartridge, and with humble friction it is easy activated.6dbe17f52ec4ef358f2ea68791e44a4c Heaven’s Gate – A Point That Gets Rid of Headache


  • Press this mark with an ear dab and start massaging lightly.
  • Breathe far downwards and listen to your metabolism.
  • While inhaling eyeful left, and during exhaling eyeful right, but without Stirring the head.
  • Slowly you will feeling your intent relaxing, and the syndrome of stress reduction.
  • TIP:

    • You can massage the stop of the ear with the tip of your digit.
    • Massage the spot whenever you tone that you are beneath a lot of stress.
    • This mechanism can be repeated every day beforehand going to bed.

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