How you can blast your ashes into space for just £9,500 or book yourself an cemetery plot on the MOON


A Obsequies director has come up with an out-of-this-sphere plan for a final send off – ruinous your ashes into place for nearly £10,000.

People who choose a interval funeral can either have a gm of cremated remains launched to the daydream, or a small amount sent into a low-concern orbit.

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Extinct people can have their ashes blessed into space for £9,500

The ashes Testament then eventually make their way rachis into the atmosphere, where they tan up completely.

Although space funeral will set you back a whopping £9,500, line is apparently booming.

Space cracked have already been splattering out on other-worldly burials thanks to the 1990s but the interest in commercial time investment has given the service a upwards.

Charles Chafer, the CEO of the Houston-supported space burial company Celestis, aforementioned he expects to send 500 urns into range this year.

He told Orangeness County Register that it has metamorphose cheaper and easier to send up concealed payloads filled with ashes, adding: “We’re in the wave phase of new space activities.”

His fellowship has now joined with Argos Funeral Utility to provide more personalised spa burials.

The company became the beginning to get permission from the California Branch of Public Health to send cremated wait to space on the first privately funded lunar undertaking led by Moon Express.

A portion of that soul’s ashes will annex dozens of others on a rocket transport blasting off from New Zealand later this year destined for the idle.

The ashes and DNA will be sent to the covering to create a better map of the moon.

City and Celestis are now selling space funeral to anyone who “ever longed to travelling in space or stepped outside on a sparkling night and felt at home”.

Chafer aforementioned: “It’s not all that different from suggestion ashes at sea.

“Everybody dies. So it’s a vast market.”