‘I just have no impulse control’: Armie Hammer calls Twitter ‘a toxic environment’ after quitting platform over ‘bitter AF’ BuzzFeed article


Armie Hammer has been talking about his decision to abruptly quit Twitter as he continues to promote his film Call Me By Your Name.

He deleted his account on the social media platform this week after a scathing article published by BuzzFeed, posting one final tweet to the author slamming her for the ‘bitter AF’ piece.

‘I just have no impulse control,’ the actor, 31, said at a screening of the movie hosted by The Wrap on Tuesday. ‘So if somebody says something stupid, I couldn’t help but say something back and then it just exploded.’

6046592cbeb3d56beea74eba8659ea61 'I just have no impulse control': Armie Hammer calls Twitter 'a toxic environment' after quitting platform over 'bitter AF' BuzzFeed article


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