Kumquat – Golden Orange in the Service of Your Health


Citrus (Fortunella) is product from the folk Rutaceae.

It is mentioned in Asian literature on account of the 12th century, so it is believed that it bring about from thither. In the 19th century, its finish is largely disperse in the area from U.s. and Europe, and is now about common in Brasil, Spain, Argentina, Calif. and South Continent.

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Because of its overshadow plants, moneyed green cope and beautiful blossom, it is popular on all sides of the world as an adorning tree.

It justifies the procedural “aureate” since it is a real cash of nutrients.

The solid fruit is consumed together with the strip. Has a yellow – orangeness color and oblong physique with a sizing of 3 to 5 cm.

Kumquat is an distinctive source of vitamins A, C and E, B1, B2, minerals: ca, potassium, chain, omega 3 and ending 6 fatty acids, carotenoids, tannins, pectin, chief phytonutrients that defend the body from the bad effects of unfreeze radicals.

The beholding is reminiscent of copy orange, and dissimilar to other citrus yield the peel can be exhausted and is very luscious.

Before intense recommended outcome slightly frayed, to disenthral the aromas of the barque and get the sweet – acid taste particular to this product.

It helps in invigorating the immune development

Because of the comprehensive amount of vitamin C in their penning, the kumquat is a adept ally in the conflict against colds, flu and over-the-counter infections.

100 g of the product satisfies still 73% of the RDA (Advisable Daily Sufferance) of this vitamin.

Accelerates alterative of wounds

Vitamin C is proclaimed as a good confederate in the reconstruction of battered cells. It has been proved that day care consumption of this citrus furnish to faster alterative of all types of pelt injuries (spread wounds, beneath wounds, mars and bruises).

Too, it helps in the care of of inflammatory processes.

Guard against crab and infections

Due to the altitudinous concentration of antioxidants much as vitamins A, C and E, and flavonoids much as carotene, phenol and pectin the “blonde orange” safeguard the body off free radicals that scathe DNA cells.

It assist in getting rid of the stones from the dead end

It has been proved that raw citric dot has a major impersonation in the prevention and conduct towards of diseases related with kidney stones and gall. Acidic nutriment mimic stomachal acid and gall encouraging contractions for discharge stones.

It lend a hand in lowering cholesterin, which comprises virtually of the kidney stones, so the citrus represents a essential protection from their genesis in the body.

Antioxidants in the berries are full protecting the kidneys – annul the toxins in the consistence, breaks consume fats and swell the absorption of nutrients.

It betters the health of the cardiovascular group

The phytonutrients eclipsed in the kumquat cooperation reduce the cholesterin and triglycerides in the gore and thus slim the risk of passion attack or cva.

This fruits products is a rich provenience of potassium, credited with ordinary blood force and heart charge.

Omega 3 and Ending 6 fatty acids are too abundantly going on in the citrus, and their attention to the health of the cardiovascular course has long been habitual.

Natural muscularity for your dead end

The riboflavin from the citrus accelerates the metamorphosis of food – catalyst, carbohydrates, fats, nucleic pungent and vitamins.

In this manner, the fruit citrus is a natural origin of energy for the item, which can be exhausted at any time.

It slows polish the aging action

According to many studies, antioxidants emphatically help in retardation down the senescent process. This product is effective facing wrinkles and freckles, as hardy as against all provocative processes of the pelt. Maintains girlhood and elasticity of the pelt.

Because of the alpine concentration of vitamin A and ca, regular phthisis of this revenues significantly furnish to proper growing and strengthening of the castanets and teeth.

It besides helps in rousing processes much as rheumatism, urarthritis and in their general prevention.

Over-the-counter medicinal chattels of the kumquat:

– Standardize the work of the digestion and intestine

– Improves the metamorphosis

– Helps in the handling of of inflammatory processes

– Stop arthritis and Rheum

– Wake up the production of lineage

– Stops a tap and heart onset

– Relieves from hypersensitive reactions

– Hang on to the skin, optic and hair

– Serenity and refreshes

– Conserve the health of the fearful system

– Guard against force and depression

Fosterage and keeping

Thither are several sort of kumquat, but the well-nigh common are these leash types: oval-shaped or nagami citrus (Fortunella margarita), pellets or kumquat kumquat (Fortunella camellia) and ovoid or meiva citrus (Fortunella crassifolia).

Indifferent to slightly acidulous soil, brilliant location bastioned from zephyr and regular number of moisture is the nonsuch combination for ontogeny this citrus outcome.

They fully grown in late drop and early wintertime, and can be kept for months, if that the temperature does not go beneath -3 grade.

The warmer the clime, the fruits secure more ambrosial and juicy.

When the outcome are picked they can stop at room temperature for 4-5 life and in the refrigerator up to 20 life.

Use in the nutrition

This citrus is corking for preparing beverages much as juices, syrups, liqueurs and cocktails. It is overwhelming in the form of jam, dainty, jam, compote and ice drub and is a perfect supplementation to pies, bun and fruit salads.

The fresh known imperative oils and different extracts with accessorial kumquat are an idealistic assistance for painful throat and distinct respiratory hardship.

The attractive fruits products are an unrivaled medallion of various sweets and savoury dishes.

Method – Not difficult kumquat course


  • 60 g Cream-coloured cheese facultative
  • 50 g cream
  • 250g fine chopped citrus
  • Optional sweeteners, love, sugar, stevia
  • Frosting (optional for ornamentation)

Mix all ingredients in a liquidiser, garnish with whipped drub, let it cool refine and enjoy the yummy and healthy direction!