Mitsubishi teases new compact SUV ahead of Geneva debut


550d8356318cd24817bae909b36eb8dd Mitsubishi teases new compact SUV ahead of Geneva debut

Mitsubishi is most to expand on its SUV offering when a new replica launches at the Geneva Motor Exhibit this March. Previewed complete a shadowy teaser image free today, the new compact SUV will juncture Mitsubishi’s current crossover border-up which comprises the ASX and Outlander.

Patch there have been rumours about a replacement for the aging but calm popular ASX, Mitsubishi’s upcoming SUV faculty join the range as a completely new pattern. The single dimly-lit image shows the Sometimes profile of what looks liking a mid-size crossover, with a extent that appears to slot ‘tween the smaller ASX and larger 7-seat Alien.

If our judgement is correct, the new Mitsubishi crosswalk, which name is still a secret, will play in one of the most free-enterprise segments on the market going up facing the likes of Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Kia Sportage.

The Altaic company has not released technical specific of its new model but describes its looks in a pressing release that reads: “Styling trait include a wedge-shape smash line, a forceful character path running through the side, a amassed steeply raked rear windowpane, and long wheelbase with abbreviated rear overhang proportions. These fabricate a sharp and active looking coupe SUV anatomy that represents MMC’s vehicles. Calm with heavily flared fa‡ade and rear fenders, these essential create a dynamic and sporty invention that engenders the powerful appearance of a stocky track athlete.”

The new Mitsubishi squeeze SUV will premiere in Geneva on Tread 7.