Mix These Three Things from Your Kitchen and Get Rid of Facial Hair! (Recipe) (VIDEO)


Useful, small hairs on the cheeks, forehead and tied neck for many women are a real situation, especially  when because of the hormones with future become darker and stronger.

So, here’s a race remedy which will help to get rid of them erstwhile and for all, which is better than waxing.

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All you necessitate is 1/2 tablespoon of coconut oil (You can use olive oil, but is not so energetic), three tablespoons of whole-wheat flour and any water.

First of all, be sure to clean your countenance of makeup and other impurities, and then the crunch areas of the face, apply coconut oil and with massaging rub it good into the skin.

Then, in a bowl, mix the flour and soak, until you get a fine paste and then these days apply it on the hairy parts of the face. Tarry until is completely dried, for which you faculty need approximately ten minutes.

Then formerly again rub the now almost brittle mixture and softly remove it. If redness and skin tightness seem, do not worry, it will soon pass.

Washables and clean the face with tonic, and so apply nutrient cream or serum.

Act this procedure twice a week for quadruplet weeks. That should be enough to get rid of facial ringlets.

Watch the video: