Outraged BGT viewers flood Ofcom with complaints about Amanda Holden’s ‘stripper’ outfit


Kingdom’s Got Talent is set to be investigated by receiver watchdog Ofcom – later receiving 216 complaints active Amanda Holden’s almighty revealing dress.

The glamorous tv judge, 46, opted to put on an eye-popping plunging sequin nightdress during last night’s last semi-final show.

f7e06dba4b443d2e3e9358a710932a1e Outraged BGT viewers flood Ofcom with complaints about Amanda Holden’s ‘stripper’ outfit


Amanda Holden’s garb caused OfCom to be flooded with 216 gripe

But Amanda has since faced a vast backlash from viewers who apprehending she had dressed “like a oiler” which was inappropriate for a kinfolk show.

“Does Amanda Holden be schooled this is a family show and doesn’t demand to dress like a stripper?” wrote one witness.

Another added: “Does Amanda Holden recognise she sets an example to young female and women, stop dressing care a stripper?”

“7.30pm. Kids observance. Amanda Holden dressed love a stripper. Completely inappropriate,” tweeted added.

One viewer also remarked that Amanda was “efficaciously topless”, while added suggested she would be “polish to her undies” by the final.

5b97619310d3b1c0fd3dbe1c3db49f8e Outraged BGT viewers flood Ofcom with complaints about Amanda Holden’s ‘stripper’ outfit

Splattering News

Viewers compared her racey bit to a ‘strippers’ clothe in online comments

b1acfaf77fd7edc375eef22a1c5203ef Outraged BGT viewers flood Ofcom with complaints about Amanda Holden’s ‘stripper’ outfit

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Amanda Holden looked rapturous as she went about filming obligation at the studio last night

An Ofcom spokesman habitual that they would be assessing the grouse.

He said: “We will evaluate these complaints before determining whether or not to investigate.”

Amanda’s adjudicature to sport a jaw-dropping dress Order after she told The Sun she would be thwarted if her wardrobe fails to raise eyebrows.

She aforementioned: “I can’t wait to clothed in my dresses.

“They are very enhancing, very feminine and a few are … what you would ahead to.

“Will people be complaining to Ofcom? I desire so. I haven’t done my job if they aren’t!”

Amanda’s co-hotshot Alesha Dixon, 38, likewise admitted that she thought her rig this week would consideration controversy once again.
In an inimical chat with The Sun, she said: “I act marmite dresses – one-half the people love it and half the persons hate it.

“I don’t mind that seeing I think it’s fashion. I never period take what people credit of my outfits personally.

“My hairdresser is great though she always discovers incredibly beautiful and sexy attire.”

Amanda Holden flashes her entire leg in daring dress on Britain's Got Aptitude semi-final

Alesha and Amanda came low fire last year and standard 19 complaints after they opted to act skimpy outfits with plunging necklines during the ITV ability programme’s live shows.

Still, they escaped an Ofcom issue after watchdog bosses aforementioned they did not warrant launching a afloat investigation of a potential breach of the UK medium code.

“We assessed a unit of complaints about the suitability of wear worn by two female judges previously the watershed, but won’t be taking the matter forwards for investigation,” said a spokesman for Ofcom at the extent.

“The dresses worn by the jurist did not raise issues under our ordinance on nudity, and the judges were not depicted in a sexualised way.”