Pedicure left a woman’s foot with third-degree burns so painful it felt ‘like knives’


A woman spent two months recovering from her last pedicure after it left her foot covered with third-degree burns that she described as ‘shooting pain like knives.’

Cindy Dillon said gel meant to remove calluses was dripped onto the top of her foot and wrapped in hot towels and plastic for 15 minutes at her local nail salon in Kansas City, Missouri.

Dillon said she bent over in the salon chair and saw ‘this terrible, terrible burn on my foot.’

But her faulty nail experience comes as one of the many accounts of bacterial and fungal infection spread by salons that have lead to surgery and in severe cases amputation.

5d87e0651bda79a0cc65feb8a93764a9 Pedicure left a woman's foot with third-degree burns so painful it felt 'like knives'

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