Samsung working on urgent software update to fix Galaxy S8 smartphones with ‘red tinted’ screens


SAMSUNG is preparing to wheel out an early software update for its freshly-released Galaxy S8 phone aft customers complained of red-tinted room divider.

The launch of the device is a key step for the Southbound Korean tech firm as it hunt for to move on from last gathering’s humiliating withdrawal of the Wandflower Note 7 over exploding batteries, which hammered the positive’s once-stellar term.

db61a49939913ab709982e41c673e58e Samsung working on urgent software update to fix Galaxy S8 smartphones with ‘red tinted’ screens

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A Samsung Collection S8 mobile phone is shown restrictedly submerged to demonstrate its water resistence

Samsung Dismisses Galaxy S8 Red Screenland Defect As A Software Issue

— Appliance To Use (@gadgetstouse) April 18, 2017

The Galaxy S8 has already started upon-the-counter sales in the US and its home marketplace but South Korean users who pre-coherent the phones complained their paravent displayed an unusually reddish Colour(which you can see in the tweet above).

On-line images of their phones went viral on public media but Samsung denied thither was a hardware flaw and maintained that buyer could manually adjust the semblance range according to their option.

As more users voiced disbelieves, Samsung said a software renew would fix the problem by allowing them to adjust colours over a wider arrange than at present.

“Samsung… has confident to release a software update turn from this week which Testament provide consumers with a as well enhanced ability to adjust the colouring setting to their preference,” it aforementioned in a statement.

Samsung – the class’s largest maker of smartphones – has fastened its hopes on the Galaxy S8 to compete fronting arch rival Apple’s iPhone aft last year’s Billet 7 disaster.

The recall debacle price Samsung billions of dollars in confused profits and hammered its global credibleness, forcing it to apologise to consumers and aside the S8 launch.

Now Samsung is preparing to deceive some of the recalled Note 7 smartphones as “refurbished phones or renting phones”.