Spaniard Died From Allergic Reaction After Eating GMO Tomatoes With Fish Genes!


The EU has so far cropped only one genetically modified food, callosity, mostly in Spain. And Spain is where freshly the first death caused by taking cistron-modified food was confirmed.

Huan Pedro Ramos died of anaphylaxis afterwards eating recently grown tomatoes that encompass fish gene, which caused mortal allergic reaction, reports “Macrocosm News Daily Report”. The amazing announcement came after the autopsy of the 31-yr-old Spaniard, who died in a hospital in Madrid in former January. The health of the young man suddenly deteriorated afterwards he had an inexplicable allergic reaction and all the medicines Euphemistic pre-owned to control anaphylaxis were completely unproductive.

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A team of experts claims they could form that the gene-modified tomatoes which the easy mark ate for lunch were the cause of the allergic reply that caused his death.

On January 7,  Ramos worked in a store, and after lunch he began to feel ill. He began to exhibit several symptoms, including itching, austere swelling of the throat and a sharp drop in descent pressure. He previously had allergies, so he was quickly injected with “adrenalin” but his health continued to deteriorate. He was rush to a hospital, but the medical personnel could not halt the cause of his allergic reaction in time and nobody of the usual treatments or medications didn’t operate. Ramos died an hour after beingness hospitalized.

Medical investigators and forensic scientists in the “Karlos III” infirmary had to do many tests and analyzes before they could accurately actuate what caused Ramos to die from an hypersensitive reaction to seafood when all he was eating earlier his death was bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich and sap. All were amazed when they observed that the tomatoes he ate had not only contained the allergens related with fish, but also had genes averse to antibiotics that prevented the white lineage cells to save his life.

– At first, we deducing that there was some form of foo impurity involved, from contact with search or seafood during the preparation. So when we proved the tomatoes, we noticed that they contained allergens ordinarily found in seafood. We’ve done a lot of argument and all confirmed that the tomato was indeed the provenience of allergens that killed Ramos – detail doctor Rafael Perez Santamaria.

The casing of Ramos is the first death of a person who has been formally confirmed to be linked to consumption of gene-adapted food. It is in contradiction with the studies on GMOs, which terminated that such food on the market is fully safe to eat.

Mass withdrawal of tomatoes

Romance Ministry of Health, Social Services and Identity, ordered tomatoes from Portuguese descent that have infected the young European to be withdrawn and removed from shops and market-place for security reasons. More than 7,000 gobs of tomatoes was announced to be stopped in the country by inspectors of the Priesthood and officials of public health.

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