Staffordshire University launches eSports degree which will PAY students to play League of Legends and Counter Strike


A Lincoln course that teaches undergraduate how to play video games competitively Testament launch next year in a aboriginal for the UK.

Staffordshire University is offering a trey-year course to help gamers gain how to forge a career in the burgeoning diligent and put on their own eSporting events.

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New measure will focus on teaching scholar to play competitively and set up tournaments and commercial-grade events

Top players will be skilful to get a scholarship, meaning the university Testament effectively pay them to play pastime (although there will likewise be some academic work to faultless too, of course).

Some might scoff at deride at the thought of teaching youngsters how to whirl their thumbs, but the eSports diligent is growing on an unprecedented scale and is aforementioned to be worth more than £700 zillion.

Many top European football truncheon are signing up eSports players and rental them loose on the virtual footie comedian of Fifa games.

FIFA 17 thespian smashes Xbox after losing a entertainment of FIFA 17 to store businessman

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YouTube: Bjergsen Stream

Undergraduate will be taught how to live tributary games – including League of Folk tale, which can be seen in this depiction

Rachel Gowers, academic doyen for recruitment at the Staffordshire University Function School, said: “Over 73 per penny of those employed within eSports are below the age of 35 and their skills are in exact.

“Companies are looking for people who are entrepreneurial and school savvy and the industry is driving the genesis of new jobs.

“The course focuses on the concern and culture of eSports from nonindustrial teams, communities and a fan base to hosting eSports happening.

“All students will get to visit an esports orbit and we are also offering a number of exhilarant scholarship opportunities for competitive contender.”

Former culture secretary Ed Vaizey welcomed the proclamation on Twitter, branding it ‘fantastic’.

.@StaffsUni is introducing the UK's beginning eSports degree to commence in 2018. Extraordinary

— Ed Vaizey (@edvaizey) May 30, 2017

What Testament students learn on the Staffordshire Uni eSports path?

  • In Year one, students will be introduced to eSports refinement and learn about streaming technic.
  • They will learn around the business of competitive gaming, appearance marketing and work towards organising their inaugural eSports event.
  • In year two, gamers faculty continue event management studies to establish and deliver a team based eSports ceremony.
  • They will learn most the technical set up that’s required to convey these events along with the national relations required to promote it.
  • In the last year, they will be remodelled totally immersed in eSports occasion and develop a large-scale commercial-grade event from start to goal.
  • Students will also become versed about games community state and the legal issues involved with eSports earlier finally creating business method for their own eSports company.

The BA Hons action will teach students – who entail A Level grades BCC or higher – to hotelman events for single player and multi-contender teams.

They will apprentice how to promote these events, constitute online communities and learn approximately the culture of eSports, its audience and fan establish.

Students will have to juncture one of Staffordshire University’s six competitive companionship: League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, Parry Strike, Overwatch and Super Boom Bros and compete in events in the UK and abroad.

They’ll even get a chance to win one of six knowledge worth £2,000 to fund their free-enterprise career in gaming.

Classes Testament be taught by a mixture of gaming pros – in the committed eSports lab as well as tourism, occurrence and marketing tutors.

Dr Bobbie Dramatist, Head of Games and Visual Outcome, said: “Plans to grow the UK as an esports hub carrys huge opportunities in job creation and we are right placed as a University to explore that.”