The Chinese Clock Does Not Make Mistakes – Discover Which Organ In Your Body Does Not Work Well


The Asian biological clock is also known as Object energy clock. It shows the flow of vigor throughout the body. During a 24 distance period the energy moves in two-hour intermission through the body organs. If some agency is not functioning properly the symptoms are noticeable.

Android body is actually a system of energy which in Asian medicine is known as meridian system. This course represents the energy flow throughout the eubstance similar to the blood flowing throughout the gore vessels. This system affects the total body as well as the substance exchange.

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Pinnacle network is divided in 12 meridians apiece affecting particular major organ as belly, spleen, small intestines, lungs, ample intestines, heart area, duodenum, vesica, and liver  These meridians are also titled Principal Meridians and are divided into Yin and Yang company.The yin meridians are: lungs, spleen, kidney, liver-colored and heart area. These organs pucker, store and process the energy and substances.

The yang meridians are: belly, bladder, colon, small intestine, gallbladder, duodenum and the punctuation.These organs exchange and excrete substances

These meridians daily grind within 24 hours and are divided in two period intervals. Every meridian reaches its summit when the opposite one reaches its lowest objective.

The first thing that the Chinese dr. will ask you is what time of the day did you feel bad. By request that he would find out where the complication was and where the energy flow was at that fact time.

You can help yourself by making notation about your biological clock and when the indication occurred during the day. Also write refine when do you feel the most energetic as chipper as pay attention to what time of the nighttime you wake up usually because that and can indicate that some body office is not functioning properly.

Time of maximum assistance

1 – 3 AM – liver (detoxification, muscles and eyes)

3 AM – 5 AM – lungs (tegument)

5 AM – 7 AM – colon (assimilation, elimination, skin)

7 AM – 9 AM- venter (lymph, food digestion)

9 AM – 11 AM – lien, pancreas (lymph, food digestion)

11 AM – 1 PM – core (artery blood circulation)

1 PM – 3 PM – small gut (digestion, assimilation, arteries)

3 PM – 5 PM – bladder (castanets, teeth, elimination, cleaning)

5 PM – 7 PM – kidneys (clappers, teeth, ears, filtration, elimination)

7 PM – 9 PM – cardiac level (constriction of blood vessels)

9 PM – 11 PM – duodenum (thermoregulation)

11 PM – 1 AM – gallbladder (digestion, muscles, optic)

Time of minimal functions or rest

1 AM – 3 AM – microscopic intestine (digestion, assimilation of the arteries)

3 AM -5 AM – sac (bones, teeth, cleaning elimination)

5 AM – 7 AM – kidney illness (bones, teeth, ears, filtration, analysis)

7 AM – 9 AM – the heart layer (constriction of blood receptacle)

9 AM – 11 AM – duodenum (thermoregulation)

11 AM – 1 PM – gallbladder (digestion, muscles, optic)

1 PM – 3 PM – liver (detoxification, muscles and eyes)

3 PM – 5 PM – lungs (pelt)

5 PM – 7 PM – colon (assimilation, elimination, skin)

7 PM – 9 PM – belly (lymph, food and digestion)

9 PM – 11 PM – lien, pancreas (lymph, food digestion)

11 PM – 1 AM – spirit (artery blood circulation)

We have already mentioned aloft that when one meridian organ has maximal energy level the opposite organ has the last energy level.

Liver for example has its maximal energy between 1 and 3 AM and at the same time the inverse organ- small intestine has its lowest strength. That is why when you eat later in the evening and now go to bed, the small intestine is not able to absorb the drink properly so you should avoid doing confident things when the organ included in that animation is at its lowest energy level.

When the meat are the most active their functions are boosted. In chronology of illness if the organ is burdened with surplus energy, symptoms will appear and so you need to reduce the excess energy. If the agency doesn’t work properly it should be fixed. Natural medicine has numerous remedies which can shove your energy as homeopathy, acupuncture and distinct others.