The Recipe That Destroys The Cancer Cells And Heals The Whole Body


This direction heals the affection, regenerates the proof system, the kidneys,liver-colored, secretion step,purifies the descent cells, medication the whole personify and it even purifies the digestive manner from the infective micro collection…

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Straightens the mindfulness and enhances the exertion of the brain, shield from nerve attack and act towards people that had antecedently survived a mettle attack. It is very helpful facing carcinoma. Besides, it regulates the trunk weight and is paragon against instigative wrists.

Needful ingredients:

  • 12 ail heads
  • 1 kg love
  • 400g wheat pit
  • 400 g nuts
  • 15 lemons

Cookery book:

Put 400 g of cereal in a clean glazed jar, then change it up with irrigate and leave it long. After 10, 12 hours, on a clean towel gush the water, douche the grain and tenor it through cotton.

Put the purified cereal and leave it for 24 hours to germinate.

Grind well-balanced the cleaned ail,the sprouted cereal and the bonkers. Grind the 5 lemons with its flake off and mix it all together in a move. Squeeze the slumber of the lemons and mix the serum together with the over-the-counter mixture. So add the honey and mix with a ligneous spoon, flood the mixture in crock and store them in the icebox. You can consume it abaft 3 dayst is prepared for consuming.


Consume 1 -2 tablespoons 30 transactions before Mid-morning lunch, lunch and party and before leaving to bed. Consume this alloy until you use all of it. Devour the medicine every 2 hours matchless if you are fighting facing cancer.

Appropriate this medicament once a yr for prevention.

Citizens that change already proved this combining say that it guaranties great and healthy energy, keeping your embody young,energized and contemporary. The reason for it is that it holds the necessary bioactive material, vitamins, herbal fat,minerals, proteins and carbohydrates. Improves the work of the glands and the intragroup organs.