The UK’s most severe drone near misses – from major fright over London to a Royal’s dice with tragedy


AS the dawdler craze continues to spread transversely the UK, they are leaving a wobbly tag of almost disaster.

Incidences of away misses with drones are on the get up and authorities are being forced to fastener down heavily on their use.

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Drones into the vicinity misses with passenger Earth were at all-time high in 2016

Legion cases have been canned where the flying gadgets let come dangerously close to commuter planes, with Gatwick Drome even closing an entire fugitive after a drone was spotted in the atmosphere around the strip.

There were at littlest 13 near misses with voyager planes at London Airports in 2016, with drone pilots now application potential jail time if they are caught quick their gadgets near runways.

These are any of the major cases of drone nearby misses in the UK.

Gatwick Airport close up runway, July 2017

At least iv flights were diverted when a track was forcibly shut after a laggard sighting near Gatwick Aiport in The middle of summer.

Two separate reports identified drones in the field around 6pm, causing a number of escape to re-route their landing.

Ternary incoming EasyJet flights were conveyed to other airports, while Brits Airways sent one of its planes to Bournemouth.

Consequent call so far at John Lennon Aerodrome, April 2017

The closest reported not far off miss occurred in April 2017 with a commuter plane coming in to land at City’s John Lennon Drome.

Flying at 2,500ft, the flying car allegedly came within a time of the Airbus A319’s wing tip as it descended.

A reputation from the UK Airprox Board claimed that it was “pile to luck” that a hit didn’t occur.

RAF Chinnook inside half a second of disaster, November 2016

An RAF whirlybird came within a fraction of a s of colliding with a model skim just over Bridgwater, Summersault.

The Chinook was reportedly flying at 100ft at a precipitation of close to 140mph.

One of the helicopter’s two airman allegedly took control of the bomb and steered it off course, after he patterned the 3ft-long white object aviation just 30ft from them.

The complication was rated a Category A, meaning thither was a serious risk of collision.

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An RAF pearly came dangerously close to a droning

Danger above Due east Midlands airport, October 2016

A severe situation was made significantly worsened in October 2016 when a Boeing 747 went in to dry mop on a flooded runway at East Midlands Drome.

The passenger aircraft was descending at a tallness of 6,000ft during a bad storm when a ternary-foot-long drone flew into its system.

Passing less than 100ft from the shave, the red and black drone posed a determined safety risk.

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Airbus A320 calculated to watch as drone shoots foregone, August 2016

A helpless pilot was artificial to watch on as a drone whizzed by the right wing of his plane as it approached Heathrow Drome.

The pilot claimed he had no time to obtain evasive action as the drone appeared toward out of nowhere while flying at 11,000ft.

At its next point, the drone was thought to suffer come within 60ft of the passenger shave.

Drone nearly hits Consort William’s helicopter, August 2016

A laggard came close to causing purple tragedy when it flew inside feet of a East Anglia Air Ambulance chopper that is regularly piloted by the Duke of City, Prince William.

Carrying two aeronaut and three medical staff, the bomb was flying at 1,900ft when a monotone was spotted less than 100ft gone in their flight path.

William was not on scantling the helicopter at the time.

The operator of the bourdon was never traced, despite his trade being flown well aloft the legal limit.

c002d2f8430f63e3857c74fcd50fe681 The UK’s most severe drone near misses – from major fright over London to a Royal’s dice with tragedy


A austere incident nearly occurred on top of London when a drone flew quick to a plane as it travelled over The Sherd

The Shard narrowly shift catastrophe, July 2016

A Category A affair involving a passenger jet and a drone occurred on top of the nation’s capital in mid 2016, as an Airbus 320 was qualification its final approach to Heathrow.

The cut was flying over The Shard when it came into junction with a small black laggard.

The gadget reportedly hovered on top of the right wing as the pilot watched on from the winging deck window.

It was the third nearby miss incident in three life involving drones and planes forthcoming Heathrow.