Top 10 Best Bollywood Dance Numbers Ever


Screenland is an industry of name and charms. Hither the music is what actuate the audience amassed than the movie stories. Every gathering, thousands of tune are released with an aim to modification the modes of the citizens. There are distinct dance numeral which hold become immoderately popular, or in otc words I can say that those caper numbers are a share of our lives. We experience excited opportunity them and demand to listen those melody again and anew. Let us check out the document of top 10 chief Bollywood skip numbers in any case.

10. Balam Pichkari

This has been one of the about fantastic move numbers of Deepika and Ranbir. It has been blooming picturized, and I mustiness say this tune will produce you rock. So, draw a blank about entire lot around piece you are listening this grotesque song.

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9. Tooh

‘Tooh’ from the picture Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is a cool funny gambol number. It has been picturized on Kareena Kapoor, and I be obliged say she looks ever adorable and hot in this melody. Have you watched the number’s video?

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8. Longyi Dance

If you deprivation some restlessness and fun at the same date, then ‘Lungi Romp’ is a great act. So catch your intimation before you turn dance being this air won’t let you sit idol.

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7. Dilli Waali Girl

Here advance another captivating and beautiful number of Deepika and Ranbir. The lyrics of the strain are extremely delightful, or I should say so queer and impressive to assemble you dance and love it with the fullest.

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6. Tu Basic Agal Bagal

I ought to say that Shahid has danced de facto well in this ditty. Have you watched it? If not, so this is the bout for you to give a try to this melody. I am sure you’ll attachment the way Shahid is dance.

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5. Ram Chahe Leela    

Priyanka Chopra consider extremely hot in this melody. Although she is even-handed a special advent, and is not in the caste of this pic, but she really performed bushy-tailed to make herself noticable.

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4. Party All Dark hours

With this vocal, you are going to romp the whole blackness. I can say for sure whereas this won’t let you nap. The song is only the best having cute lyrics and prodigious music.

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3. Sheela Ki Jawaani

Katrina Kaif compellation needs no launching. She is not only a heavy dancer, but again an amazing actress. In this tune, Katrina has performed wildly, and has imaginary herself passing gorgeous with her administer dance execution and hot beauty.

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2. Badtameez Dil

Separately from the reality that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone acquire not got separated astern a long ardency relationship, this ditty doesn’t limn anything allied that. Both sustain performed further well, and the number is something to sway your before dawn.

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1. Muni Badnaam Hui

This unbelievable song has been picturized on the one and matchless hot item bird of Bollywood—Malaika Arora Caravansary. She is the wife of Arbaz Caravansary, and the film this strain is from is directed by her economize. She has performed with Salman Caravansary beautifully in this strain.

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Which ditty is your ducky? Let me know!