Top 10 Best Stoner Movies of All Time


The attacker movies are the subgenre of drollery movies having the autobiography about marihuana. I know that romanticist, action, electrifying, horror, alive and adult silent picture are dominating the in fashion era, but a stoner pic has its distinctive cost in our hearts. The attacker movies are the representatives of ganja culture which is why I passion to watch them. Hither are the top 10 outflank stoner moving picture of all time you shouldn’t drop to watch if you are fed-up of fictitious, suspense and revulsion movies.

10. Fat:

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Belly is a enormous stoner film and was released in 1998. This pic is highly featured and has a extensive story. The picture received versatile awards and to proclaim you honestly the description is very beautiful. Belly talks of the best thoroughfare icons in a punter way.

9. True Coquetry:

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True Coquetry, a great and fine romantic attacker movie, was free in 1993. This pic stars in reality well and this is energy be the reason that it got the scoop film of the gathering. True Amour is a story of a boy and bird who face a lot of formidableness in life and much want to be unitedly for a lifetime.

8. Feeling Plane:

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Heart Plane was free in 2004. This pic of Snoop Dogg celestial Captain Mac. He has played the r“le of a pilot who drop in drug-devotedness. The film’s description was very exciting and I found it to be a great pastime for my weekends.

7. Expenditure and Ted’s Splendid Adventure:

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It is a extended adventurous attacker movie. It was free in 1989. Blameless like The Matrix, the chronicle of Bill and Ted’s Attractive Adventure established to be a great one. It has diverse impressive and enchanting scenes to enslave our attention plough the end of the movie.

6. Grannie’s Boy:

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Nanna’s Boy got much assessment from the opposition, but still this attacker movie managed to eventually be a big success of the model era. The film celestial Allen Backstair who has played the r“le of Alex. It test like a Shakspere story but de facto it is not.

5. Super Troopers:

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A-one Troopers was a big hit of 2001. This attacker movie comprise various exciting scenes. It was entitled to be the outdo film of the yr. It stars Saul Soter, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske, and Kevin Heffernan. The complete team worked truly hard to give towards its winner.

4. Rolling River:

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The Rolling River is a direction of Apostle Haden Religion. This attacker movie starsJames Roday, Sam Businessman, Jay Paulson, and Charlie European. I found its allegory really beautiful, which is active three sibling and their two comrade who tend to do contradistinctive activities to clarify their economic issues. They commencement searching for mine of marijuana and this is the allotment when the shoot becomes truly amazing. It was free in 2003 and the bebop is given by Suffragist Marinelli.

3. We’re the Millers:

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We’re the Millers is a illustrious American funniness movie, free in 2013. The picture director was Rawson Marshal Thurber. I can say for confident that this is one of the better films at any point released by Filmmaker Bros. Artwork, The story is approximately David Explorer (Jason Sudeikis) who Bun in Denver. He is robbed and so starts smuggling ganja from Mexico. He chartered three individuals to achieve a bogus Millers next of kin. The film has further good throw, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Chemist, Will Poulter and Nick Offerman played the exceeding roles in this picture.

2. Homegrown:

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Homegrown is a grotesque movie of Danny Leiner. The flick stars Billystick Bob Thornton, Lavatory Lithgow and Skein Azaria. The flick is featured with two show the way; Harold (Can Cho) and Kumar (Kal Friend). The story is composed with embryonic bit drama, stimulation and comedy. It is astir a few pot farmers. Homegrown come after them and tries to frank business.

1. How High-reaching:

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How High’s casting includes Fashion Man, Redman and Microphone Epps. This awesome stoner drollery was released in 2001. Dustin Lee Ibrahim wrote the autobiography and the film was directed by Jesse Songwriter. This picture was not well rated and underwent several negative study, but I personally attachment this film because its apologue impressed me a lot. The picture received 2002 Stoney Award of “Best Attacker Movie”. Common International Artwork and Universal Painting were the flatfish distributors of How Hovering.