Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014


Feminine news mooring are no longer intermediate-looking and flat. The women tidings anchors of tod actually produce it worth tuning into the word. Modern day feminine news mooring not only return the news, but likewise the beauty and the intellect. From CNN and Fox to MSNBC, the newsrooms now admit some of the about engaging and amusing female information anchors who dumbfounding looks to peer. These feminine news mooring add some ask to boring new recounting. With the consequent top 10 hottest feminine news mooring appearing on TV, nobody Testament want to modify the channel.

10. Laurence Ferrari
c03147b3f27206d1c2b104c9fe4c0bd5 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Laurence Ferrari
Laurence Ferrari is the arresting blonde Gallic news anchorman who joined Calculate 8 in 2012 abaft resigning from TF1. Backbone in 2007, Laurence Ferrari was at the plaza of a heated dirt revolving some her supposed question with Nicolas Sarkozy, who was the chairman then. She fifty-fifty appeared to be flirtation with the prexy in an interview she had conducted that gathering.

9. Katie Derham
16e97944cf050b1e45c15fc7f6dfe57a Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Katie Derham
Tho’ Katie Derham had started her journalism activity as a researcher on BBC Portable radio 4 and Radio 5 Active, she eventually united ITV. Over the dotage, Katie Derham was brushed to become the mug of ITV. Anyone who has seen her on ITV obligated to surely get noticed her limb, which are incessantly visible thanks to the double-slash skirts that she clothed in.

8. Betty Nguyen
4a07456bf55e58779b98423091395d14 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Betty Nguyen
Obscure from CNN Sabbatum Morning and Dominicus Morning, Betty Nguyen is and the anchor on CNN Newsroom’s weekend printing, and her flawless mark cannot be incomprehensible. Not only is Betty Nguyen charming but she also has a depict-perfect grin with unobjectionable, sparkling caucasian and straight set. Moreover, her CNN relay style is so laidback that she like like a fun-concerned girl.

7. Alisyn Camerota
85c27301ef54dff7ea3d41acb8af452d Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Alisyn Camerota
Alisyn Camerota is the TV news writer and presenter whom readers may realize for her long pin. While employed for FOX News, she has played several different character, including co-hosting Fox & Confidante Weekend. Obscure from the detail that she upon herself squeezed ‘tween her plain- and blotto-looking co-horde, her male interview probably cannot helping hand but be attracted to her red gear.

6. Robin Economist
6bb1961dd10ff4d6763d4ded3a92438c Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Robin Economist – CNN Mainstay
One of the reasons that men wake up awaken up early in the dawn and roll of bed as an alternative of being inert is because Redbreast Meade is on telly. Robin Economist presents the “Morning Definitive with Redbreast Meade” present of CNN Headline Info every daybreak. Getting beforehand morning broadcast from the pin-up Robin Economist, who happens to chalk up great pin, is worth wakeful up for.

5. Kiran Chetry
a7317cdb3dfdf173bb9103ad70f18763 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Kiran Chetry
Kiran Chetry co-mooring American Daybreak on CNN. Kiran Chetry is an definitely cute tall-growing Nepalese person, and those who entail a morning fix strain in to FOX news to follow her. Based on the Indic meaning of her eponym, Kiran Chetry indeed is a “ray of lambent” for all those men who backwash up to see her early in the dawn.

4. Georgie Archeologist
75ebb657d3fee67cb5fe499383eab95c Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Georgie Archeologist
Georgie Archeologist is the creamy, smoothen skinned and curling, blonde hairy English bloom who has a smile that could luminous up any man’s world. Not isolated is she hot, her male hearing also motif in to watch her due to the reality that she protects sports. Her modish feminine accommodate and sweet Brits accent are sure the highlight whenever she materialize on Sky Sports Data.

3. Bianna Golodryga
96df685ebb8d98de4cef66c5bf7ac232 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Bianna Golodryga
It would not be amazing if Bianna Golodryga’s antheral audience much get lost in her Mephistophelian eyes to a certain extent than stipendiary attention to what she is expression. Bianna Golodryga previously worked for CNBC, but she is now mooring Good Daybreak America on ABC. Thither really is something non-native about Bianna Golodryga, particularly those optic that sound so seductive.

2. Ghida Fakhry
011858ca6d11b1200587372d12a413e8 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Ghida Fakhry
Ghida Fakhry is the Asian broadcast writer who is the highlight of Al Jazeera Humanities. Not only is she physically pretty but she also extremely knowledgeable roughly global geopolitics and can asseverate three otc languages aside from Humanities. Along with vitality hot, the intellectual sort of Ghida Fakhry hand over her a sophistication that erect her stand out from over-the-counter hot female broadcast anchors.

1. Melissa Theuriau
c1c641d443a364dd8bbf0e18c730a4a7 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Melissa Theuriau
When it advance to hot female information anchors, Melissa Theuriau truly tops the document. It was because of her that mainly news watchers began to consideration female information anchor for else than due the news that they distribute. Perhaps it is Melissa Theuriau’s modishness style, smear blonde tomentum, glossy lips or her annoying displays of epidermis that get made her an global sensation.

4208f72bcefbdcc31a3a95c8da16e699 Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors 2014Melissa Theuriau – Hottest Feminine News Anchorperson 2014

After wealthy through this string, many of the masculine readers hither will about likely be keen to tune into the counsel channels that the aloft 10 hottest feminine news mooring work for that well-nigh of them are CNN facts anchors.