Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors in India


Equal like the motion picture, the television sluice are also high-and-mighty the hearts of all of us. The media has change into a hot industry and a extravagant career selection for a large routine of youngsters. Thither are a lot of female and manly anchors workings in different telly channels and earning immense amounts. Hither are the top 10 hottest feminine news mooring in India.

10. Anjana Om Kashyap – Aaj Tak:

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Anjana Om Kashyap is a noted news linchpin and writer of Aaj Tak sluice. She is extremely masterful and had served at the posture of Deputy President Producer of Counsel 24. Anjana took a startle with her vitality in 2003 and aboriginal was the anchor of Zee Info.

9. Nidhi Razdan – NDTV:

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Nidhi Razdan is a overlooking anchor of the duct NDTV. She is brilliant and owns first-class working expertness. Nidhi had united this sluice in 1999 as a next-to-last journalist. Ere long she became a obvious face due to her scoop performance and moving personality.

8. Shereen Bhan – CNBC:

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Shereen Bhan is a close face of CNBC. She has appeared in the demonstrate like ‘Young Turki’ , ‘India Line Hour’, ‘The Kingdom’s Business’ and ‘Power Turks’. Shereen is a bright lady and is the foreman of Delhi Authority as well as the nous of CNBC-TV18.

7. Mayanti Langer – ESPN:

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Mayanti Langer is a recreation journalist of ESPN. She was the athlete of USA and was an active phallus of her team. Subsequently she joined FIFA as a impermanent anchor and that was the foundation of her successful anchoring continuance. She looks foxy and hot and is one of the most noted sports newsman in the world.

6. Harishree Mehta – NDTV:

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Harishree Mehta is an brisk female of Stretch Now. She is an anchor and good known handle off NDTV. She is apprehended a lot by her fans. Harishree is an cultured accountant and has adequate knowledge of gives a reason for and stock Stock Exchange of India and cosmopolitan.

5. Shaili Chopra – Tehelka, ET Now:

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Shaili Chopra is an mainstay of ET Now. She is an award-captivating news backbone and is serving the waterway for over 12 oldness. She is also a communicate and editor and dash off reports and columns every workweek.

4. Sagarika Ghose – Counsel Anchor on CNN-IBN:

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Sagarika Ghose has been into the journalism globe since 1991. She has been a phallus of the anchors’ bunch of The Times of Bharat, Outlook mag and The Indian Verbalise. Sagarika is workings as the deputy rewrite man and active writer.

3. Sweta Singh – Aaj Tak:

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Sweta Singh is a bewitching and one of the hottest info anchors in Bharat. She is the deputy rewriter of Aaj Tak and started her activity in 1996 with The Patch of India. She besides was a dominating flag of Hindustan Patch and was covering the State news.

2. Mini Menon – Bloomberg TV:

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Miniature Menon is an director editor of Bloomberg TV Bharat. She started her calling in 1994 and won the Femina Avoid India present in 1996. Minor is a hot and extremely gifted businesswoman and toil really heavy to raise the illustration of her success.

1. Archana Vijaya – Transfer [V]:

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Archana Vijaya is a Calcutta-born feminine. She is a fantastic box presenter, novelist and news backbone. Archana is an laborious anchor of Transfer V and one of the most fruitful and sensational supermodels of Bharat.