Top 10 Hottest Soccer Players in 2014


It is in reality true to say that sport is one of the most singular and popular amusement in the world. This is power be the reason that the football players are admired and appreciated in the alike way as we like cricketers, wrestlers or any additional game contender. Here is the tilt of top 10 hottest football players in 2014.

10. Mario Gomez:

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He is a blooming known European player as a mover and truly a man of temperament. Mario owns delicate and sexy beseech and amazing coiffure and is appreciated the macrocosm over.

9. Sebastian Larsson:

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Sebastian Larsson is a Scandinavian football participant and a blonde and angelic man of the era. He became big during his 2007’s Brummagem series and scored indeed well.

8. Iker Casillas:

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Iker Casillas is a pleasant looking and well-favored soccer contender. He belongs to Espana and is famous for his awful and amazing about.

7. David Revolutionist:

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David was calved in 1981 and he owns a admirable personality. He has around six feet elevation and very divine personality. He category his hairs in a lot of awesome ways and this is why clasp the attention of his feminine fans from all allotment of the world.

6. King Beckham:

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King is not only an distinctive soccer participant but also a hot Humanities man. He belongs to City, UK and is truly a hot and libidinous youngster with animated gaming custom.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo:

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Cristiano is 6ft altitudinous handsome and one of the hottest football players in 2014. He connected with to Portuguese and has been the commander of Portuguese Home Team. He is … la mode and beautiful.

4. Cesc Fabregas:

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If you come about to check out the features book akin and twitter followings of Cesc side I am sure you faculty get to realize how divine and well admitted this Romance footballer is. He was natural in Barcelona in 1987 and owns a bewitching and proudy disposition.

3. Gerard Temper:

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Gerard has had been one of the above defenders of FC City and of course a hot football player of the era. He is but 26 age old but his bold and hot disposition is the plus to his storey of excellence in the ground.

2. Lionel Messi:

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Lionel is deluxe looking, hot and a rock’n’roll-star of sport team of Argentinian. He is 5.7ft giant and was born in Jun, 1987. He is a extraordinary and handsome football player of the creation known for his personified make-up. Lionel find credible in taking take exception to and this is energy be the reason he has been a flourishing and one of the most rosy soccer participant of the world.

1. Mario Gotze:

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Mario Gotze was calved in June, 1992 and is a beauteous soccer competitor of Germany. He is good-looking, charming and hot and is declared for his talent and choice performance in the arena. He has been the phallus of various sport clubs in Deutschland and works in reality hard to conserve the graph of his achiever high. His stature is about 5.6ft and we can positively name him the basic choice in the listing of top 10 hottest football players in 2014. Let’s look and watch can Mario conserve up the level of his winner high in the approaching years.