Top 10 Most Handsome Turkish Actors in 2015


Dud is where e meets with the due west. This is a delightful country, proclaimed for its amazing draw and talented community. Many of the Turki models and actors bear gotten label all over the earth and contributed a lot in the way we grip to the fashion and recreation industries. Infra are discussed the top 10 virtually handsome Turki actors in 2015.

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10. Halit Ergenc

Halit Ergenc was innate in April, 1970, in Stambul, Turkey. He is a brilliant actor, chanteuse, and dancer. He has gained often reputation as a crooner and dancer. He worked aboard Aisha Pekkan in theatres, on television and in film. Halit is a well-favoured and adorable man. His champion performances are “Institute”, “Or slang motor Revolution,” “Ale Love”, “Our admonition: Atatürk”, “Invitee” broadcast: “Zerde,” “Arab Nights,” and “The great century “.

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9. Berk Oktay

Berk was calved in October, 1982, in Ankara, Bomb. He is a wonderful comedian and incredible renowned model. He did moulding for about 6 senescence, and then inverted to be an actor. Berk has charmed part in bounteous than 100 trend shows. In 2004, he did mould for some alien fashion present, and in 2007, he came wager to his native nation. He has worked in broadcast like “Download”, and “Grievous streets.”

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8. Haluk Piyes

Haluk Piyes was calved in 1975, Perfume, Germany. He is a European-Turkish doer, director, maker, and screenwriter. He was disciplined by his father to be a pugilist. He studied law in U.s., and completed exercise from the Actors Apartment in Germany. In 1995, Haluk started workings as a model. He has been seen in Turki tv series enjoy “Pusat”.

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7. Mehmet Akif Alakurt

Mehmet was calved in 1979. He is a fortunate Turkish histrion and fashion replica. This estimable and handsome man, in 1998, won “Consort of Turkey” label. In 2001, he won the tournament “Finest Model of Dude” and “Outdo Model of the Globe.” he has worked with several fashion instrumentality, and has worked in tv broadcast like “Olive limb.”

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6. Kenan Kalav

Kenan Kalav was natural in 1961, in Dude. He is a wonderful operator of the era. He belongs to a European Turkish phratry. First he played bulky role in the picture named The Like. Success knocked his doors and before long Kenan started doing talkie and tv series. His beyond compare works are”For one blackness in my life,” and “Striver of money” etc.

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5. Tolgahan Sayısman

Tolgahan was natural in 1981 in Stambul. He is a hot and impressive mannequin, television persona, and actor of Bomb. During 2004 to 2005, he was the conquering hero of the title of “Outflank Model of the Star”. He played skilled roles in silent picture like “Design of My Life”, “Appreciation comes accidentally,” and broadcast such as “Tulip Age”, and “Ask the sky”.

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4. Murat Yildirim

Murat was natural in April, 1979 in Konya, Dud. He is a wonderful player who started employed in theaters. He deliberate acting at the Acting School. Murat was casted in small screen serial “We gain to stay stable”. He gained repute after his cool performance in “The Tornado”, and “Asi”. He got distinct awards.

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3. Kivanc Tatlitug

Kivanc was natural in October, 1983, in Seyhan. He is a handsome and hot Turki actor and pattern. He holds the appellation of “Turki Brad Dramatist”. In 2002, Kivanc won the label of “Outflank Model of the Earth“, afterwards which he went to Writer. He has played estimable roles in broadcast like “Gyumyush”, “Silverware”, “Menekshe and Khalil,” “Prohibited Love”, “Ezel”, and “Kuzey Güney.”

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2. Burak Ozcivit

Burak was natural in 1984, Mersin, Bomb. He is an actor and ex- fashion representation. In 2003, Burak Ozcivit won the rivalry of the male maquette, and was second stolon-up of the “Trump Model of the Apple“. He worked both in talkie and television broadcast. His top works are “Inconceivable Love”, “Man on coetaneous,” “Phratry Home”, and “The Marvellous Century”.

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1. Engin Akurek

Engin Akurek was natural in October, 1981, Ankara, Dud. He is a successful Turki actor. Expresses to his talent and message to make this man one of the top incision stars. He participated in the men’s fairness competition of 2006, subsequently which he was marked in the movie “Zeki Demirkubuz”. He too worked in pic named Portion. Engine won capital actor of the yr award for his agreeable performance at the age of 30.

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Who is you comprehend finest Turki man?