Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in 2014


Manful singers acquire been magisterial the hearts of the admirer in the same way as the feminine singers do. We can gem hundreds of manly singers the class over who gain gotten designation and struggle a lot for consideration their illustration of success adenoidal. The popularity of a songster is determined on the intention of how well he trill and how many knock he has given to the listeners. So let us trial out which are the top 10 nearly popular antheral singers in 2014.

10. Jordan Bratton:

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River Bratton is high-and-mighty the world of bop with his beautiful and beautiful mutter. He is a stylish and one of the well-nigh popular mainly singers in the man. Recently his tome They Gray Area has gotten a lot of acceptance and Jordan is engaged in making a lot else albums for his admirer.

9. Eminem:

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Eminem is a alluring musician and songster of the era. He has sung distinct romantic air and is one of the most perplexing lyrical rappers sorrounding the globe. He not lone sings the ditty but also constitutes them and tries to micturate them expert for the listeners.

8. Drake:

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Navigator is an amazing and one of the virtually adorable River musician and nightingale of the era. He has given us a lot of hit ditty, many of them gain been voiced with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Navigator sings in fact well and his blooming album Thanks Me Later has been a high-and-mighty one.

7. Kanye Due west:

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Kanya Due west is a famous English singer and a hip-hop creator. He is basically a multitalented discrete, having the songwriting, directional and fashion plotting skills. He is besides a famous businessperson and began his melodious career in 2001.

6. Escort:

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Usher Raymond is added wonderful and one of the about popular virile singers of the yr. Usher is roughly 36 age old and is a well celebrated dancer, litt‚rateur and businessman. He has won indefinite awards due to his vast singing talent and best imaginary songs. He is certifiable Platinum by RIAA.

5. Cleric Mars:

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Tool Gene Hernandez is the abundant and original analyze of Brune Spoil. He is only 28 senescence old and a cool sounding stylish and one of the near popular manly singers. He besides possesses abundant skills in expression acting, creation and choreography.

4. Macklemore:

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Macklemore (pilot name Ben Haggerty) is a grand stage vocalizer and has released several chart number and albums. He has so far free over two c charts for his aficionado around the orb.

3. Taio Cruz:

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Biochemist Taio Cruz was natural in April, 1985. He is a illustrious British composer, producer, instrumentalist and singer. He has free various albums and has attained a lot of fame. He was and nominated for MOBO Laurels and won different additional awards including Britt Awards and Signboard Awards.

2. Chris Brownness:

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Christopher Maurice Brownness (known as Chris Embrown) is a wonderful and vogue singer who has gotten the 2nd position ethical because of his committed and immensely comely singing aptitude. He debuted in 2005 as a vocalist with a apartment album.

1. Armando Christianly Pérez:

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Armando Christianly Pérez was natural in 1981 and is usually known with the Pit-bruiser name. He is an English singer and doorknocker. He was born in Florida and started his telling career in 2011 with the Satellite Pit album.