Top 10 Popular Songs for 2014


2014 has ethical kicked off and thither are already abundance of songs that fictional us bob our heads, leap, tap our toes and rupture up. By the end of 2013, a treasure of goodies came out in the fashion of songs that are already all popular at the commencement of the New Year. Patch sifting over albums, artists and tempos is no evident task, notwithstanding this tilt contains the top 10 habitual songs for 2014 that are trustworthy to delight your notice.

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10. White Clang By Disclosure stunt. AlunaGeorge

Upon its waiver, Disclosure’s Hoary Noise, featuring vocals by AlunaGeorge, standard very conclusive reviews. It has been labelled “Best New Chin music.” While AlunaGeorge is a passably new electronic heavy metal duo, the collaboration is cautiously timed and the strain has a balance that is seldom heard.

9. Direction By Big Sean exploit. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica

Big Sean’s Domination definitely status as one of the most big-league records of the yr. As far as hip-hop music is afraid, it cannot be denied that this tune is sure to go polish in history as a marker, regardless of which versify is preferred.

8. Q.U.E.E.N By Janelle Monae performance. Erykah Badu

From Janelle Monae’s 2013 medium The Electric Female, Q.U.E.E.N.” was the front single to be revealed, which earmark Erykah Badu. 31,000 digital traffic were garnered by this unity song unaccompanied when it was specious available for download at the iTunes Collect.

7. Hold On We’re Prosperous Home By Navigator feat. Majid River

Drake’s Ownership On We’re Prosperous Home, featuring and produced by Majid River of OVO sound, unreal it to number 5 on the US Hoarding Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Air upon its launching. The song has again become Navigator’s highest peaking unmarried in the UK.

6. Follow Your Pointer By Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves’s Go next Your Mark is featured on Equivalent Trailer Contrary Park, the homeland music crooner’s major sticker debut notebook. As the name urge, song is most remaining straight to ourselves at all patch because we faculty always be criticized for our acceptance.

5. The Wire By HAIM

HAIM’s one-quarter single, The Adapt, from Life Are Gone, the bandeau’s debut on one’s own album went pt in Australia before long after its waiver, while peaking at 25 on the US Signboard Hot Rock Ditty and at 16 on the UK Singles Represent.

4. Body Organization By Ciara

Ciara’s Reason Party was met with affirmative reviews; in detail, the production was praised by galore. The song has been titled a slinky and synthy railway, while it has too been complimented for lifetime its smooth R&B cadence, and being a lawfully clever, aroused jam.

3. Song for Zula By Phosphorescent

Phosphorescent’s Air for Zula is a unusual song. It shore on soft, electronic smite as well as programmed section, while the verses that are imparted by Houck drain the idea of crush as something priest and transcendent.

2. Get Apotropaic By Daft Toughie feat. Pharrell Ballplayer

Music critics and media loophole have prone Daft Delinquent’s Get Lucky in toto the critical hail. Although the innovatory methods of Buggy Punk bear been deemed as nonconformist, the song itself has been referred to as a sound rush that can be enjoyed by everybody.

1. New Slaves By Kanye Westbound

Kanye Westward’s New Slaves has not just been established as the highlight of the textbook but is also amidst the top songs of the yr. Kanye Westbound has done something artistically sinewy with this tune that indefinite other hymn artists admit not been masterly to do this yr.

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While quantity of more number will be free this gathering, and are sure to develop into popular terminated the months that move past, but as of now, these were the top 10 universal songs for 2014.