Top 10 Sexiest & Hottest Asian Girl DJs


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Now we’ll chatter about the top 10 sexiest and hottest Asiatic girl DJs who are adept and dominating the class due to their unflawed personality.

10. DJ Barbie, Tokio

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DJ Barbie is too famous with her additional name, Haruna Yokoto. This Tokio beauty is presently living in Agreed States of U.s.. She is known for her hot and surprising personality, and perfect professional expertness. She had joined the Katsuyaku Mademoiselle group and victimised to spin in billy & parties. Now, Barbie is moreover running her own vogue store; Merged Couture.

9. Angie Vu Ha, Annam

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Angie Vu Ha is, no distrust, one of the most delightful and hot DJs of the era. She belongs to Annam, but is currently residing in New Dynasty. Not only as a fairness diva, but too as a performer, Angie has gotten yet success the macrocosm over.

8. DJ RayRay, China

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DJ RayRay owns enormous skills of her subject. When it move to professionalism and favour, it seems that RayRay is not ass any other Asiatic performer. She connected with to Taiwan, and was the local dj for the hottest Luxy club in Taipei. During 2013, RayRay was capped champion in the Red Crap Thre3communication Taiwan DJ contention.

7. DJ Nikki, Malaya

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I don’t think I demand to give an debut of Nikki. She is a dead person beauty with winner. Not only in her natal land, Malaya, but also the terrene over—Nikki is renowned as a highly worthy dj and hot female. She has won distinct awards and appeared in distinct competitions. For indefinite times, Nikki has performed at various outdoor storm & EDM festivals in Malaya and other Asiatic countries much as in South Choson, and India.

6. Roxy Jun, Thailand

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Roxy Jun belongs to Siam. She is the dj of who dominates the pump of various men. Distinct times, Roxy has performed in power other than her inherent. She travels to Danmark, Abu Dhabi, Nippon, Korea, Archipelago, Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaya to do shows of supranational level. She is everlastingly wanted in Asiatic nightlife as a fit performing dj.

5. Celeste Siam, Siam

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Celeste Siam is added hot and sexy dj of Collection. Despite her congenital country, Siam, she has performed in distinct other land’ international piece shows. Near of her performances in Ibiza hog been fine appreciated.

4. DJ Alyshia, China

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DJ Alyshia is from China. She is one of the prettiest and sexiest Asiatic girl djs who has performed a inviting dance novel of Harlem Tremble with Natasha. She is the heartthrob of distinct young men at once.

3. DJ Tenashar, Island

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Tensashar started her lifetime at an early age of excitement. She is an emerging and passing talented dj of the era. This peach of Singapore is celebrated for her frequent arrival as cover broad in FHM magazine.

2. DJ Yoko, Nippon

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Yoko is a precocious dj of Japan. She is fundamentally a multi-skilled female, acting as a dj and fashion mannequin in her native community. She is a member of Hong Kong’s Katsuyaku Lass group, and for a routine of times she has performed in nation including Kidnap, Australia & Island.

1. DJ Nicole Chen, Island

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Nicole Chen is added hot and talented Asian DJ. She is one of the most auspicious and best djs of Collection. She got much achiever as a fashion base, and dj. Nicole had been a share of various truncheon and appeared as an vigorous girl on the gambol-floor.