Top 10 Sexiest Sixes by Sachin Tendulkar


The novel of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar figure needs no launching. He is one of the most big international cricketers of all era. He got fame for his overlooking stroke swordplay and bullet-discharge. The most pronounced aspects of his crack life birth been his excelling straight propel and lofty shooting. Let us explore the database of top 10 sexiest sixes by Sachin Tendulkar.

10. Olonga bashing

It was the finals of the Sharjah Cup in 1998 when Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly played facing Zimbabwe. Sachin seemed to be in a arduous mood and cockeyed Olonga for six immense sixes. This created an area of excitement amidst his fans.

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9. Six of McGrath

It was in the Prizewinner Trophy in Nairobi. The adjust was between Continent and India when Sachin Tendulkar went on a furore right from the foundation. He was able to yield hold of the fat fast derby, Glen McGrath. At that bit, the ball took the out edge of the bat and landed crossways the boundary cable. For the second generation, he comprehensively hit him regular over his purpose out of the park.

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8. Saul Strang annoyed badly

In the cope with where H Olonga suffered one of the heaviest beatings in his animation, an offie titled Paul Strang moreover had to taste the identical dose presumption by Sachin. He was hit for multitudinous sixes on a cast that had cipher to offer to the spinners. The finest shot was when Sachin Euphemistic pre-owned his feet to hit the testicle over the top, lurch outside leg stub.

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7. Eddo Brandes away for a straight hit

It was a equivalent of 1996-96 tri broadcast between Southbound Africa, Rhodesia and India when Sachin showed off his extravagant performance. Hither India needful to beat Rhodesia for getting the hazard to enter finals. Sachin hit fasting bowler Dashing Brandes with a aboveboard bat over his nous for a six. This mo was what trumped-up his fans charged.

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6. Steve Writer in the famous Sharjah across

India was chasing 284 from Continent, and needed to amount 254 to bash New Zealand. The mate saw some excitingly splendid moments particularly when Sachin hit stuff-timer Steve Writer over his attitude with a aboveboard bat.

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5. Four sixers of Abdul Qadir

The one-day ‘tween India and Pakistan established to be very considerate for the Sachins aficionado. India was chasing 157 in the precipitate-hit match, when Sachin scored a quickfire 18 orchis 53 with foursome sixes in a unity over of Asian leg spinner Abdul Qadir.

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4. Warnie loss for plenty

This is the episode of the 3 match proof series (in 1997-98) where Bharat was declared to win by 2-1. Sachin crocked plenty of sixes apart from for the initial one in Madras. In the innings of 177, he hit crossing legged sixes off Shane Warne.

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3. Caddick out of the grassland

This had been the equal between Bharat and England in the Apple Cup match of 2003. Sachin blotto off the lanky Humanities fast derby Andrew Caddick. He got even appreciation from devotee due to this about.

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2. Kasprowiz meet in 1998 at Sharjah

The sirocco hit match that got title because of the innings adorned with many sixes from Sachin. In one of his discharge, Sachin pulled the adversary over the far-off on boundary.

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1. The ‘pointer’ of Shoaib

It is the incidental of the tense skirmish between curve rivals Bharat and Pakistan. This was really a mere handle of the fast livery by the ‘Rawalpindi Distinct’ Shoaib Akhtar that was to gestate the ball on the point limits for six runs. This stroke’s video is yet liked greatly on YouTube.

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