Video: Metro tried making the newest holiday food trend — red wine hot chocolate


Do these two season favourites belong together?

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Hot beverage and mulled wine together: A fellow made in heaven or a sludgy flock? We tried it so you don’t have to

Some inanimate object just go together: Caramel and piquancy, tomato and oregano, and, according to this opportunity’s latest food fad, red wine and hot coffee. But does this best-of-both Terra beverage deserve its social-media character status? We headed to our test cookhouse to find out.  

Armed with one-half a pound of chocolate, a bottle of red wine-colored, and three colleagues as guinea pigs, the Subway Life staff set out to mix up our own version of 2016’s up to the minute holiday drink: red wine hot cocoa.

Do these two winter favourites be a member of together?

It’s exactly what it uninjured like: a combination of two beloved season warmers which, for some motive, no one thought to put together before now. By the end of our inquiry, we had a better idea of why.

First, we mulled two cups of red alcohol (Hardy’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon) with two heaping teaspoons of boodle,  a few orange slices and a few of warming winter spices — bark sticks, freshly grated nutmeg, retem, star anise and ancho chilli.

In another pot, we heated a litre of two-per-penny milk to steaming and slowly touched in 200g of chopped dark beverage (70 per cent cocoa).

Once upon a time both were piping hot, we stiff the wine into the chocolate compound. And that’s when things started to go a elfin sideways.

No matter how much we touched and sieved, the chocolate never full melted, leaving us a drink with a coagulate, chalky texture and a bracing, acidulous taste: not exactly luxurious.

Do these two season favourites belong together?

No one of our taste testers cared for it at all. Nonetheless, our section editor Emina Gamulin stated that “It grows on you.”

We united the beverage would be better with a afters milk chocolate, and a lot less of it. In a minute of inspiration, we added a healthy glug of thrashing cream to one of the mugs and zapped it in the nuke. That tasted more agnate something we’d want to drink in movement of a roaring fire.

As the instagrammers say, this cover is #sorich, but if you’d like to gild the lily, whipped bat or marshmallows would be an ultimate garniture. And it’s the holidays, so why not both?