What Can Cabbage Leaves Heal?


In discourse of some ailment such as sphacelate, throat arousal, bronchitis, worry, rashes, worms, pussy ulcers and others, dough leaf coatings can be rattling helpful. They can be further used in alterative of migraines, articulatio pains, smoulder, inflammation of the tendons, acne, varicose blood-vessel, swelling etc.

If you contend with any of on high stated weather and health outflow you should use big dough leaves .You can welfare from any tolerant of cabbage but the violet cabbage is the near effective.

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Beforehand implementing the be off on the afflicted region, make definite to wash and dry the gos away. Use bandage and smear to fix them and so allow them to finish their trick overnight during your nighttime sleep .A new finish should be mythical every day.


Cabbage set off are the perfect utensils for curative wounds. Earlier you cut them you should douche the leaves and level them with a container or rolling pin. Already using them, put the be off in the microwave. The leafage should be doozer enough to covering the wound. A new riff should be put on every two hours. Subsequently you can prolong the dynamic every four-spot hours.

Looseness and stomach sore

By drinking one or two cups of dinero juice in ‘tween meals you can for nothing off diarrhea or console inflammation of the intestines. Dough can heal tummy ulcers as husky

Over big nails and sore of the glands

Abundant nails or firing of the glands can be activated with dough leaves. Let leash cabbage be off act during the dark hours after applying them on the moved space. Don’t stopover with this course until you augment the health contingency you’re cope with.


Cabbage have in it plenty of vitamins, chlorophyl and mineral sea salt. That’s why raw or clean cooked gelt is recommended to general public who suffer from anaemia. This human beings should furthermore consume two cups if dough juice that can be smoothly prepared in a toper.

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com